This site has been stated "under construction" for quite some time now. Therefore I guess the "being constructed" state became permanent and its more of a character now, than a state. At the moment there are some Mental Ray and Maya related things I wrote online and hopefully in the future there will be more of them.

- Horvátth Szabolcs -


Recent updates:

  2007.05. Using framebuffers in mental ray
  2006.07. FramebufferWriter shader updated to 1.1. "Reflection appears in other framebuffers" bug fixed.
  2006.05. Attribute Editor Templates updated to 1.4
  2006.05. FramebufferOutput shader uploaded
  2006.05. FramebufferWriter shader uploaded
  2006.03. ReflectionUtility has an OSX compiled version
  2005.02. Other mental ray resources... page updated.


Mental Ray shaders

ReflectionUtility 1.3 - A Mental Ray shader that computes blurred reflections. (Windows, Linux and OSX version.)

RayType 1.1 - A Mental Ray shader that lets you assign different shaders to different kind of raytrace calculations.

FramebufferOutput 1.0 - A Mental Ray geometry shader that enables framebuffers for multi-pass output.

FramebufferWriter 1.0 - A Mental Ray material shader that writes the connected shaders' output into separate framebuffers.


Maya files for 3rd party Mental Ray shaders

Diffraction - Daniel Rind's Diffraction Mental Ray shader, that computes blurred refraction and chromatic aberration.

Dirtmap - Daniel Rind's wonderful Dirtmap 1.2 Mental Ray shader for computing ambient occlusion.

lm2DMV - Guy Rabiller's Mental Ray shader, that computes motion vectors for rendering motion blur in post.

Tranvol 2.01 - Maya files for Andy Hayes' Tranvol Mental Ray shader, that computes sub surface scattering.


Mental Ray for Maya related scripts

Attribute Editor Templates for Standard Mental Ray shaders

Enable FinalGatherTraceReflection - Maya 5.0.1 RenderGlobals modification to display two hidden attributes


Articles and Tutorials

Using framebuffers in mental ray - How to use framebuffers. And why.

Mental Ray Sampling (adaptive sampling settings) - An article on sampling settings and techniques of Mental Ray.

Where hides Mental Ray in Maya? - Shaders - An article on the Maya location of the shader types of Mental Ray.



Other mental ray resources...