Mental Ray resources


mental images The creators of Mental Ray. They have two useful mailing lists: Mental Ray and Shader.
Animus Artis Daniel Rind's site with MR shaders: Dirtmap, Diffraction, Diffusion, muhHair, Mix_8vectors and their very useful source code. Andy Hayes' site. The Tranvol (sub-surface scattering), Glimmer, Voronoi, fBm shaders and some XSI related things. MR notes that Hwee wrote for the Beijing Broadcasting University. Great shader-writing examples.
Bartek Dabkowski's site His D3 Shaders Library is online, source code included.
Binary Alchemy Greate texture shaders: modulus, Worley cell noise, Fractal4D
David Lanier Shader development services and free shaders: Worley noise, toon, X-ray. Olivier Renouard's site: Everything you ever wanted to know about normal mapping and the RayDisplace shader.
Jan Sandstrom (Pixero) Lots of nice utility shaders and MI includes for various 3rd party shaders.
Jeremy Pronk toLight Shader Suite, Photogrammetry Projection Shader, Water Shader. No source code but great shaders.

Los Angeles Mental Ray User Group, the only MR related organization I know of. Sort of a Mental Ray version of the Renderman Repository. Tips and tricks online for Maya, XSI and the standalone MR.

lightEngine3d Mark Davies' site, containing Mental Ray, Renderman and Maya shaders. (RayDiffuse & SubScatter)
mrClasses Gonzalo Garramuno's excellent source code collection. Mental Ray the ILM way, this is really serious stuff.

Another release from Gonzalo: an open source MR for Maya replacement package, that rhymes with Colin Doncaster's Liquid.
"mrLiquid is a tool for translating Maya scenes into another renderer's scene description. Currently it provides support for mental ray and provides a very direct level of compatability with maya2mr."

Paolo Berto Paolo came from Alias, went to Mental Images, knows a lot about the MR for Maya translator, has useful information on his site, and he is friendly guy: feel free to ask him. :)
Pavel Ledin aka Puppet Lots of Mental Ray shaders. Part of the page is Russian but its being translated to english.
XSI Base This is not really MR related but since Softimage has quite a history with MR most shaders appear on XSIBase first.


The list is far from complete, just a little signpost in the "mental labyrinth".
Feel free to suggest other pages that you found useful.